The part-time doctoral program in law (Dr. iur.) serves to deepen the students' legal knowledge, to critically reflect on their work as researchers and to write a dissertation. The aim of the doctoral program "Dr. iur." is to enable students to deal with legal issues independently and scientifically. They document this ability by writing their doctoral thesis (a monograph) in which they deal with a topic in-depth. The thourough examination of the relevant aspects of the dissertation topic, the elaboration and answering of the relevant questions, and the publication of the research findings create added value, especially for the institutions involved in legislation and the application of the law, but also for businesses and civil society.


The focus of the in-depth specialist training is on Business and Tax law, European law and Comparative law. The Comparative law orientation of the Faculty of Law at the UFL attracts over 80 percent of students from German-speaking countries. In view of the intensive economic relations within Europe, which are however, still based on different legal systems, there is an increasing need for the academic processing of legal questions in a comparative legal sense. In addition to international experts, it is particularly gratifying for the Faculty of Law to attract proven experts from Liechtenstein for teaching in the doctoral program "Law" and thus being able to offer courses on Liechtenstein issues in the best possible way.

The course is aimed at lawyers/jurists from all German-speaking countries who have successfully completed their studies in law. They must be prepared to deal  in-depth with a scientific question and thus make a contribution to research and to deepening their professional competence.


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