Selection process

The selection decision will be made with regard to the suitability and motivation of the applicant for the chosen degree programme. Aptitude is determined on the basis of relevant previous training, professional experience, any publications and presentations.

A selection committee is appointed by the Faculty of Law to prepare the selection decision. The committee consists of at least two members from the circle of lecturers, the head of the study programme and a representative of the rectorate.

The university management, together with the head of the study programme, makes an initial pre-selection on the basis of the registration documents. The Selection Committee may invite applicants to an interview in Liechtenstein.

The Selection Committee makes a recommendation regarding the admission or rejection of each applicant. In doing so, it takes into account the fact that the legal systems of Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany and Switzerland are dealt with during the course of study, and that students and lecturers therefore benefit if students from all these countries participate in the course of study.

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