Doctorate medical science

Accomplished Doctoral Degrees 2021

Barbara Larcher (A)
«Non-invasive Tools for Cardiovascular Risk Prediction in Patients with Cardiovascular Disease»

Eileen Schmieder (D)
«Forschung und Fortbildung – Kernaspekte in der Kieferorthopädie»

Drexel Tino Schubert (D)
«Patient preferences, treatment patterns and mortality in pain – a quantitative health services research approach»

Simon Sternbauer (A)
«Cardiovascular Risk in Patients with Peripheral Artery Disease and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus»

Philipp Szeverinski (A)
«Log file analysis for patient-specific QA in clinical routine for volumetric modulated arc therapy»

Mathias Weichselgärtner (D)
««Ungewollt krank» – Herausfordernde Verhaltensweisen in somatischen Kliniken»

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