Doctorate medical science

profile and objective

The doctoral programme in Medical Science promotes a systematic understanding of methods and competences of independent scientific work within the framework of interdisciplinary scientific cooperation between clinical research and basic research. It provides mastery of the skills and methods associated with this field. The study programme supports students in developing a deeper understanding of methods and concepts of medical science within the framework of independent research work and prepares them for independent scientific work in a predominantly clinical, but also natural science and/or health science oriented research. Students are enabled to critically analyse, evaluate and synthesise new and complex ideas. They demonstrate the ability to conceptualise, design, implement and adapt a substantive research process with scientific integrity. They are empowered to communicate about their discipline with their professional environment, the larger scientific community and society at large.

Students produce a dissertation as an independent scientific contribution to medical-scientific research. In doing so, they make a contribution through original research that expands the frontiers of knowledge by developing substantial research and that deserves to be published nationally or internationally, at least in part, according to the usual standard. They thus prove to advance scientific and/or health science progress within academic and professional contexts.

Admission requirements

Admission to doctoral studies is open to those who can prove that they have successfully completed a regular degree (diploma, master's degree) at a recognised higher education institution in one of the following fields of study:

  • human, dental or veterinary medicine,
  • Pharmacy,
  • scientific diploma or master's degree,
  • Diploma or master's degree with a health science reference.

In total, study achievements of at least five years or 300 ECTS credits must be proven.

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