Doctorate medical science

Selection process

The selection decision is made with regard to the applicant's suitability and motivation for the chosen course of study. Suitability is determined on the basis of relevant previous education, professional experience, any publications and presentations.

The study administration, together with the academic head of the study programme, makes an initial pre-selection based on the application documents. All applicants included in this pre-selection will be invited to a selection interview in Liechtenstein by a selection committee of the Faculty of Medical Sciences. The selection committee is composed of a representative of the Scientific Advisory Board, the Dean, the Head of the Program, and one other lecturer from the doctoral program "Dr. scient. med. The selection committee makes a recommendation for each applicant regarding acceptance or rejection.

The selection interview is conducted with the selection committee. It can be conducted in German and/or English.

The purpose of the selection interview is to ascertain the applicant's expectations and determination regarding the completion of the doctoral program, as well as to enable a thorough assessment of his/her ability and motivation. For this purpose, the applicant should present a presentation of his/her previous career including his/her scientific work and results for a maximum of 10 minutes. Furthermore, the applicant should present a proposal for a research project within the framework of his/her doctoral studies. In the third part of the selection interview, questions will be asked about the applicant's qualifications and in particular his/her medical-scientific background.


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