The UFL is subject to Liechtenstein higher education legislation and has been approved by the Princely Government of Liechtenstein. Thus, the UFL is a state-recognized private university. Diplomas and titles from state-recognized universities acquired within the framework of a regular study program may be used in Europe. The relevant provisions are to be found in the law of the country in which the title is to be awarded or the degree is to be recognized.

Austria: Information from the Federal Ministry of Science and Research
Germany: The respective national law regulates the management of foreign university degrees.
Switzerland: There is no body that recognises postgraduate academic degrees. Doctorates awarded by state-recognised foreign universities can be awarded without the need  of an authorisation.

The UFL is open to students from all countries. Due to the extra-occupational organisation of the study courses in the form of block events on weekends, it is not necessary to take up residence in the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Both the courses on offer and the continuing education courses are organized in such a way that the courses can be attended part-time.

Sufficient time should be allowed for the optimal preparation and follow-up of the material taught, and in particular for the preparation of the dissertation. It may therefore be advisable to temporarily reduce the amount of working time, especially with a view to completing the doctoral thesis quickly and depending on the workload of the individual students.

The UFL attaches great importance to the personal and intensive support of its students by all university staff, especially lecturers. Highly qualified scientists ensure an above-average level of education. "Teaching on demand" is the principle of the UFL, i.e. the teachers come to Liechtenstein and the students can conduct the scientific discourse and maintain contact with the experts of the respective subject locally. Moreover, the contact with international fellow students is very enriching for many of our students.

The UFL does not distribute scholarships itself. Since the training courses at the UFL are internationally recognised, the studies are in principle worthy of support. We recommend that you obtain information from the regional scholarship offices of your own country of origin.

Whenever you are interested in dealing in depth with scientific questions of your subject and you are prepared to take on the effort of an in-depth further education. This can be the case shortly after completing your first degree or only after several years of successful professional activity. Since not all courses are offered every year, we recommend that you contact us at an early stage. We will be happy to provide you with more detailed information.

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