Module A: Basics of genomic medicine

Teaching days6 days
Module leader  

Prof. Dr. Andreas Huber


This module deals with the molecular, biochemical and functional basics of genomic medicine. Detailed fundamentals and current scientific findings are taught. This module lays the foundation for the following clinical and social issues in the field of genetics. Practical laboratory work is also accomplished and an insight into the modern genetic diagnostics is granted. The participants of the CAS are comprehensively informed about the biological facts of the genome and generics.


Course block A1

Thursday - Saturday, 27 - 29 June 2019
from 08.30 h to 17.30 h for every session

  • Laboratory: DNA Extraction
    Prof. Dr. Lorenz Risch / Dr. scient. med. Nadia Wohlwend / Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Huber / PD Dr. rer. nat. Christoph Gassner
    Venue: LMZ Risch, Labor Buchs, Lagerstrasse 30, 9470 Buchs, Germany
  • Human Genome: genes, structure, function and different examination methods
    Prof. Dr. Andreas Huber
    Venue: UFL
  • Medical aspects of insurance
    Dr. Roland Spiegel
    Venue: UFL


Course block A2

Thursday - Saturday, 19 - 21 September 2019
from 08.30 h to 17.30 h  for every session

  • Mechanisms of inheritance
    PD Dr. Dr. Andreas Leiherer
    Venue: UFL
  • Biobanking of materials for genomic investigations and data evaluation
    Prof. Dr. Berthold Huppertz
    Venue: UFL
  • Genomic pathomechanisms
    Prof. Dr. Thomas Szucs
    Venue: UFL


Participation fees

Registration:               CHF 85.00

Module price:             CHF 2'800.00

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