Module B: Clinical applications of genomic medicine

Lesson days                7 days

Scope ECTS-KP           6 ECTS-KP

Module Manager       Prof. Dr. Reto Stocker


This module teaches the basics of the clinical application of genomic medicine. Bioinformatics bundles medical, biological and informatics knowledge and enables integrated observation and analysis of large amounts of data. The first part of the module therefore deals with the bioinformatics perspective. The basics of the forms of genetic alterations as well as genetic diseases that arise on the basis of chromosome mutations or aberrations, chromosome anomalies or disorders,

belong to the second part of the module as well as diseases resulting from microdeletions and microduplications, monogenic, multifactorial and mitochondrial diseases. In addition, epigenetics will be investigated by DNA methylation, histone modification and genetic imprinting with respect to their importance for spontaneous mutations, carcinogenesis and environmental influences.

Interaction with the Genome.

 The third part deals with treatment options for genetic diseases or diseases involving the genome in the broadest sense, which is the central goal of genetic medicine. The fourth part of the module discusses how to gain a deeper understanding of the molecular mechanisms responsible for the development of numerous types of tumours.

Pharmacogenetics deals with the different genetic repertoires of patients and their effects on case-specific effects and side effects of drugs. Ethical questions in connection with genomic medicine are complex. In the sixth part of the module, we deal with the peculiarities of genetic data and how to deal with them in a practice-oriented manner. In the last part of the module we introduce the topic of interpretation and discussion of clinical data with patients.

The focus here is on the comprehensible "translation" of the very complex interrelationships.


Course block B1

Thursday - Saturday, 05.-07. September2019
from 08.30 h to 17.30 h for every session

  • Introduction to genomic medicine / Bioinformatics Processing of genetic data
    Dr. Daniel Stekhoven
    Venue: UFL
  • Basis of genetic diseases
    Prof. Dr. Sabina Gallati
    Venue: UFL
  • Treatment options for genetic diseases
    Prof. Dr. Thomas Szucs / Prof. Urs Meyer
    Venue: UFL


Course block B2

Friday - Saturday, 22.-23. November 2019
from 08.30 h to 17.30 h  for every session

  • Genomic Aspects of Cancer Diseases
    Prof. Dr. Christoph Renner / Prof. Dr. Martin Spahn
    Venue: UFL
  • Pharmacogenomics
    Prof. Dr. Daniela Steinberger / Prof. Dr. Thomas Szucs
    Venue: UFL


Course block B3

Friday - Saturday, 14 - 15 June 2019
from 08.30 h to 17.30 h  for every session

  • Ethical aspects of clinical-genomic medicine and genomic research, including genome editing
    Prof. Dr. Reto Stocker / Dr. Ruth Baumann
    Venue: UFL
  • Discussion and interpretation of clinical data with patients
    Venue: UFL


participation fees

Registration: CHF 85.00

Module price: CHF 3'250.00

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