Institute for Translational Medicine

The newly founded "Institute for Translational Medicine" works as an academic research and training facility of the UFL. The Institute's clinical research is focused on health & disease, mainly by addressing genetic predispositions. It has an interdisciplinary orientation and deals with the fast and efficient translation of preclinical research into clinical development. "Translation" means the translation of research results into applications, defines health and improves diagnostics and therapy for genetically affected people. The Institute is both a laboratory and a hotbed of innovation.

The "Institute for Translational Medicine" researches health and deviation from it. The research is independent and innovative and aims primarily at improving diagnostics. The content of the research is geared to the benefit for the inhabitants of the Principality of Liechtenstein and their suitability for academic teaching, and is based on the expertise available. The research is competitive in terms of content and scientific publicity and primarily uses (population) genetic methods in accordance with ethical principles and only with the expressed consent of all those examined.

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