The Private University in the Principality of Liechtenstein (UFL) sees itself as a modern university educational institution and sees its task in independent teaching and research. With its accredited part-time doctoral programs in medical science and law, it is unique in the region. The UFL is committed to the concept of lifelong learning and organizes its courses exclusively on a part-time basis.


The UFL offers courses in medical science and law. The range of courses is supplemented by further educational courses. The UFL pays particular attention to the offer of part-time doctoral programmes. The UFL accompanies ambitious people who wish to combine professional expertise and scientific reasoning. The UFL works on coordinating university requirements, individual practical experience and the practicability of part-time studies. The UFL regularly involves students. We endeavour to ensure the permanent accreditation of the study programmes. The doctoral studies at the UFL are professional and practice-oriented. It is oriented towards accompanying and later on subsequent professional activity. The UFL attaches great importance to the quality of teaching and the teaching competence of its lecturers. Thanks to its small size, the UFL can ensure personal and individual support for its students.

The research activities at the UFL are application-oriented. Research projects within the framework of dissertations are closely related to the professional activity of the doctoral students. Research activities within the framework of structured UFL research units are directly related to the scientific priorities of the faculties. The UFL cultivates international research co-operations and strives for expansion. International networking with universities and research institutions ensures the exchange of students and lecturers and enables access to modern research facilities. The graduates' research results are published in their own series.

The UFL attaches great importance to sustainable integration in Liechtenstein and especially in Triesen and strives to build up a good relationship with the community. The UFL sees itself as an important cornerstone of an internationally attractive educational location in Liechtenstein and contributes significantly to the educational diversity in the region. The UFL regards the transfer of knowledge from research to the public as one of its most important tasks. It thus assumes social responsibility. Within the framework of public events, scientific findings are to be made comprehensibly accessible to the population.

Through the ALUMNI network, the UFL cultivates its relationship with its students and continues to do this even after their successful completion.

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