Our potential

An "alumnus" was actually a "pupil", a penniless graduate of monastic schools. What has remained to this day is the term alumni as a representative of graduates of universities and colleges. In a university, however, which only offers postgraduate courses, the term "pupil" would probably be the wrong one, since the graduates are exclusively academics who have already started a successful career, are usually in the middle of life and dare from a position of strength to take the step of completing a doctoral course while still working. Because that means hard work and that requires perseverance, strength and a lot of self-motivation. Due to its international orientation, the UFL not only attracts top-class professors, but also experienced personalities as students who want to develop themselves further. The UFL alumni are therefore anything but pupils; on the contrary, the UFL with its graduates also has great potential for experience in science and practice. And that is exactly what it wants to use more strongly in the future, also in order to further advance its own development.

Scientific Exchange

The aim of "UFL ALUMNI" is to intensify contacts with UFL graduates, to involve them more closely in the scientific exchange and thus also to use their experience potential and to receive an impetus to further improve research, teaching and corporate culture. The high research quality of the UFL students is also to be made accessible to the interested academic community; the UFL's own publication series with the research work has already become a flagship of the university. All UFL alumni have access to the network of the Private University in Triesen, they receive access to the research results of the graduates, various events such as the popular Health & Life Sciences series or courses can be attended free of charge.

Dedicated Ambassadors

The UFL management has appointed ambassadors from among the UFL graduates of the two faculties of Law and Medical Sciences. Three graduates from each faculty and one coordinator are appointed as "ambassadors". The ambassadors actively contribute to the positive reputation and knowledge of the UFL and support the communication measures of the UFL. They answer questions about the study programme and give references about the UFL. They represent the UFL on various occasions and maintain the scientific exchange with their former fellow students. They are contact persons for suggestions and initiatives of the UFL-ALUMNI network. Twice a year the ambassadors meet with the university management and coordinate the tasks for the alumni network. They perform their duties on a voluntary basis. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank them for their commitment.

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