Module C «Personalized Medicine and Public Health Genomicss»

Lesson days5 days
Module ManagerProf. Dr. Thomas Szucs


This module teaches the basics of personalized health. Personalized medicine is revolutionizing both health research and medicine, offering new approaches to prevention. It also changes the understanding and treatment of disease. It is also a task of Public Health to evaluate the clinical benefit and social impact of personalized medicinal methods. The part Public Health Genomics deals in detail with the social, economic and legal effects of genomic medicine.


Course block C1


⇒ Thursday, October 17, 2019, "Tower Talks", Basel, Roche, Building 1


Thursday - Saturday, 17-19 October 2019
from 08.30 h to 17.30 h  for every session

  • Personalized medicine
    Prof. Dr. Thomas Szucs / Speakers from Roche Basel and Roche Rotkreuz

    Legal foundations and important aspects of data protection
    Prof. Dr. Markus Schott
    Venue: Basel, Roche, Bau 1
  • Genomic Methods in the Field of Drug Research, Development and Therapy
    Prof. Dr. Thomas Szucs / Prof. Dr. Urs Albert Meyer
    Venue: Basel, Roche, Bau 1
  • Genetic Screening / Genomics and Public Health / Biobanking
    Prof. Dr. Thomas Szucs / Prof. Dr. Nicole Probst-Hensch
    Venue: University of Basel, Advanced Studies, Steinengraben 22, 4051 Basel


Course block C2

Friday - Saturday, 08th -09th November 2019
from 08.30 h to 17.30 h for every session


  • Health economic aspects, incl. economic evaluation of genomic technologies
    Prof. Dr. Matthias Schwenkglenks
    Venue: UFL
  • Incidences of genomic findings, newborn screening, amateur tests on the Internet
    Prof. Dr. lic. iur. Corina Bräm
    Venue: UFL

Participation fees

Registration: CHF 85.00

Module price: CHF 2'700.00

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