Aussenaufnahmen 2017 UFL

Private University in the Principality of Liechtenstein (UFL)


The Private University in the Principality of Liechtenstein (UFL) is a non-profit foundation within the meaning of Art. 552 et seq. of the Liechtenstein Persons and Companies Act (PGR) with its registered office in Triesen.

The supreme body is the Foundation Council, which is responsible for supervising the university. The University Council is the supreme advisory body and advises the Foundation Council on all matters relating to the strategic direction of the University. The University Executive Board is the operational management body of the university for the entire university and consists of the Rector and a Vice-Rector. The Senate is an independent body and is the direct advisory body to the University Executive Board on internal university and organisational matters.

The UFL is divided into two faculties. The Deans of the two faculties of Medical Sciences and Law are responsible for the management of the two faculties. Three institutes have been established at the faculties. An Academic Advisory Board has been set up at both faculties to provide advice and quality assurance.

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  • We offer the opportunity to enable those interested to carry out independent academic work on a lifelong and part-time basis.
  • We stand for independent and free research.
  • With our good name, we stand for the highest quality in teaching and research.
  • We are generally committed to sustainable development, particularly in the fields of education and science.
  • We are unique in the region and beyond and fulfil a clear need for lifelong learning.
  • We are an agile and independent university and are committed to this every day in our teaching and research.
  • We address current social developments and deal with them in our research and teaching.
  • We live a culture of mutual understanding. Our self-image includes diversity in all areas of the university.
  • We are an innovative team that identifies with the goals and tasks of the university and promotes their achievement.
  • We contribute to the diversity of education in Liechtenstein and to the promotion of Triesen as a centre of education.
  • We maintain co-operations in research and teaching with national and international partners that do not contradict our values.
  • We offer a platform for academic exchange between scientists.
  • We make science and research accessible to the general public.
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